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  • Autumn Brilliance Fern

    Autumn Brilliance Fern
    Medium textured evergreen fern with copper-pink new growth changing to bronze-green then to deep green with maturity.
  • Piglet Fountain Grass

    Piglet Fountain Grass
    Mid-sized fountain grass with tan plumes in mid-late summer over slender green foliage.
  • Black Knight Butterfly Bush

    Black Knight Butterfly Bush
    Fast growing deciduous shrub with showy deep purple flowers on long arching spikes in summer.
  • Globosa Cryptomeria

    Globosa Cryptomeria
    Compact, dome shaped evergreen shrub with fine textured foliage. Green foliage turns rusty red in winter.
  • Red Heart Hibiscus

    Red Heart Hibiscus
    Large deciduous shrub with exotic-looking large, single white flowers with an attractive red center throughout summer.
  • Jack Frost Ligustrum

    Jack Frost Ligustrum
    Dense upright evergreen shrub with dark green leaves that have irregular creamy white margins. Fragrant cream blooms in spring.