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  • Blue Grama Blonde Ambition Grass

    Blue Grama Blonde Ambition Grass
    The blue-green foliage of this grass is first covered with chartreuse blooms in summer and then blonde flag-like seed heads through winter.
  • Rainbow Leucothoe

    Rainbow Leucothoe
    Arching evergreen shrub with cream, pink and green variegated foliage turning bronze and scarlet in winter. White spring blooms.
  • Florida Sunshine Anise Shrub

    Florida Sunshine Anise Shrub
    Evergreen shrub with anise-scented, chartreuse gold foliage that turns bright yellow in fall and winter. Stems turn bright red in fall.
  • Kaga Nishiki Carex Grass

    Kaga Nishiki Carex Grass
    Clump forming evergreen sedge producing a fountain of narrow, light green striped foliage with a golden border.
  • Natchez Crapemyrtle

    Natchez Crapemyrtle
    Broad, tall deciduous tree with fragrant white flowers from June to September. Red-orange fall color. Best bark exfoliation.
  • Lucy Hibiscus

    Lucy Hibiscus
    Large deciduous shrub with double reddish-pink flowers with red center throughout summer.