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  • Winter's Interlude Camellia

    Winter's Interlude Camellia
    Fall blooming camellia with small, pink, anemone form flowers. Average, dense, spreading growth. Cold hardy.
  • King's Gold Cypress

    King's Gold Cypress
    Mounding evergreen shrub with cascading gold, threadlike branches. Color remains golden yellow in heat and humidity better than the gold mop.
  • Harbor Dwarf Nandina

    Harbor Dwarf Nandina
    Dense, dwarf evergreen shrub with fine-textured green leaves becoming bronze-red in fall. Fall red berries.
  • Dwarf Alberta Spruce

    Dwarf Alberta Spruce
    Very slow growing pyramidal conifer with tiny, light green needles. Excellent as a miniature Christmas tree.
  • Loquat Tree

    Loquat Tree
    Small evergreen tree, or more often a large spreading shrub with bright green foliage.
  • Imperial Antique Shades Pansy

    Imperial Antique Shades Pansy
    Low, mounding annual in assorted colors and variation in bloom sizes.
  • Blue Sentry Yucca

    Blue Sentry Yucca
    Evergreen shrub with a rosette of blue-green leaves and tall spikes of creamy white bell shaped flowers in summer.
  • Matrix™ Morpheus Pansy

    Matrix™ Morpheus Pansy
    Low mounding fall/winter annual that has yellow blooms with medium blue wings and blue whiskers in center.