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  • Serena™ Purple Angelonia

    Serena™ Purple Angelonia
    Upright summer annual with purple snapdragon-like blooms all summer until frost.
  • Dragon Wing™ Pink Begonia

    Dragon Wing™ Pink Begonia
    Summer annual with clusters of pink blooms over dragon wing-shaped waxy green foliage from spring to frost.
  • Lucky Pot of Gold Lantana

    Lucky Pot of Gold Lantana
    Mounding annual/tender perennial with clusters of rich yellow blooms over dark green foliage in summer.
  • Bisty Dahlia

    Bisty Dahlia
    White/Lilac/Lavendar/Mauve blended blooms held upright over serrated green leaves on thick stems. Blooms summer to frost.
  • Twilight Hosta

    Twilight Hosta
    Dark green leaves with wide, creamy to yellow, wavy margins. The leaves are round and thick, somewhat shiny.